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What Your Friends Are Saying

Miranda Spary @ Queenstown, New Zealand

Until recently, we have just rented our house to friends, as it's very much a family house and we weren't sure about renting to people we didn't know. We found out about Stay One Degree after discovering that two of our favourite places in the world to stay are both listed with them. We joined up and discovered that we knew masses of the other people who had listed their houses too. The concept is so brilliant - it is lovely staying somewhere new but being able to explore it from a house that feels like home - where there are books and toys and really good local information about what to do and see makes it feel like staying with friends, and isn't that the perfect way to holiday?

Anna Livings @ Great Munden, United Kingdom (UK)

Thank you Stay One Degree for finding us the perfect getaway. It is a relief to know we need never look any further than you to find our future holiday homes. We feel safe in the knowledge that you will find us somewhere with a touch of luxury yet with a reassuring "home from home” feel.

Rupert Mitchell @ Hong Kong, China

I love the concept of Stay One Degree - the idea of renting one's home to friends or friends of friends provides a high degree of peace of mind.

Caroline Freeman @ Hong Kong, China

Having recently renovated our new home in Spain, we were hesitant to rent it out, particularly to strangers. Through Stay One Degree we have the option to open our home to a group of people we know and trust, safe in the knowledge that Casa Rosada is well looked after.

Joanne Tan @ Hong Kong, China

It is very difficult finding a nice holiday home to stay in. It is even harder finding the right guests to rent to. Well done Stay One Degree!

James Benady @ Hong Kong, China

I love the idea of being able to connect with friends who share a passion for their homes and you trust to stay in your home. You can generate additional income from your home with full peace of mind that it is in safe hands.

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What The Press Is Saying

If you’re frustrated by Airbnb and want a company that handpicks its properties and lets you contact the owners directly, then take a look at Stay One Degree.

Think of it as a super-exclusive, membership-based Airbnb, which allows you to connect with the homeowners, who in turn feel more secure in that they're renting their abode to a friend or a friend of a friend.

Stay One Degree, the social network for luxury villa rentals, offers the chance to experience Cape Town like a discerning local.

The social network model allows members to grow their connections into a large community of sorts, who are comfortable renting to and from one another.

Stay One Degree has quickly started to make a name for itself as the go-to holiday home rental website in the travel industry.

Stay One Degree: The Ultra Luxury Version of Airbnb.

Stay One Degree has created a unique online platform that connects home owners and guests with their friends, mutual connections and trusted members all over the world.

Here comes a brand that’s going to change the way we think of luxury home rentals.