Bringing Friends And Their Homes Together

Stay One Degree was founded by a couple of friends who were frequent travellers and passionate about their homes. They were tired of staying in soulless hotels or renting holiday homes with Ikea furniture and plastic cups. All the while, their own homes sat empty for many weeks of the year, nervous of renting to total strangers. When staying at friend’s houses it was always a different experience. They felt like homes. There had to be a different way.

On their next holidays, including one long trip to New Zealand, they decided to test a new concept. They would rent only from people they knew and trusted. Ahead of the trips they reconnected with friends with beautiful homes, chatted over emails, coffees and lunches and received recommendations and introductions to mutual friends.

The experience was eye opening. They were amazed by the willingness and desire to help from people who are passionate about their homes. Even speaking to strangers introduced by mutual friends was different. You had been “vouched for” and suddenly there was an implicit bond of trust. Ultimately the houses were without doubt better than they could have rented or afforded on agent websites. In each location their friends gave them a local’s guide: hotspots to eat and drink, must see sights, trusted babysitters, access to members only clubs. A guide book or an internet search would not have come close to this personal experience.

The downside of the new concept was that it took a huge amount of time and effort to arrange. So Stay One Degree was born, allowing you to connect and rent from people you trust all over the world in a matter of minutes. You can chat and discover all the local knowledge and passion for their homes that your friends have to share.

I hope you enjoy the experience. There is a different way.

Best Wishes

Thomas Bennett


Jorge Munoz